Two Fish Aquatics

Two Fish Aquatic Farms is a new business and is currently not running in Monroe, NC.

Two Fish Aquatic Farms in Monroe,NC is a tilapia hatchery and growout facility. Our production includes market size tilapia, ornamental and aquaponic produce. We are a working for-profit farm. We supply to local and greater geographic markets.

Two Fish Aquatics Training Center is a 501 © (3) ministry. Our goal is to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities in developing/third world nations. Our model is to partner with local churches stateside, along with the local church and community abroad, to establish a “integrated fish farm” that provides food and economic opportunity for their people. Most importantly to share our common need for a savior; Jesus Christ!

The mission of Two Fish Aquatic Farms is to help alleviate nutritional deficiencies and the lack of economic opportunities in developing/third world nations. We propose to do this through the creation of small to medium sized fish farms for the production of tilapia and aquaponically grown vegetables. The goal is that these “integrated fish farms” will be self sufficient  after initial training and start-up has been completed, and that these systems will provide food and income to the local community.

The Ultimate Goal being, to feed the body that we may have the opportunity to feed the soul. To show our love by meeting a physical need (food), that we might also provide the Good News of Jesus Christ!


3 thoughts on “Two Fish Aquatics

  1. I can’t wait to visit your farm. Since I grew up at Altan I have many ties with that part of the county and I certainly want to be a part of your mission! I don’t think of Tilapia in the same way as I used to. It has taken on a whole new meaning! Now it makes me of my friends, Deborah, Alexandra and their beautiful family.

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