It is prime time to prime…

We are in the process of putting prime on all the walls and cabinets of the farm house…painting should come shortly after!


Hello reader,

It has been a long time since I last posted on here…

…so much has happened since! God has been good!

Our main goal currently is finishing the house so that we can move into it. This job has been slow, and I must confess that this is one of the reasons I have not posted quite as much (that and also this little thing called school).

The day is old and I must go for now…but I will be back (and I plan to post every week) 🙂

Until then…



Hello everyone!

Welcome to Brown Family Farms blog! We hope that this site becomes a place for you to interact with us and learn more about what’s happening around the farm…we are so excited to be a part of God’s great plan!

Since this is a new site, there is not a whole lot to see.  We hope you will enjoy all of the things that will be posted.

Head to the Five Loaves and Two Fish pages to learn more about what we do!

Enjoy your stay! Come back soon!

~Puella Agricola~ (Farmer Girl) 🙂